At ekaah, we have three primary objectives

  • To reduce your exposure to financial and reputational loss
  • To ensure the appropriateness of your insurance cover
  • To secure competitive premiums for you.

Your trusted advisor

We build long-term relationships founded on in-depth insights into our clients’ business and insurance needs. Our role is to offer intelligent and relevant risk-management services and access to the vast majority of the India’s leading insurance companies.

24-hour personal service

You can be sure of the highest levels of personal service from Ekaah. This includes face-to-face meetings on a regular basis; 24-hour access to key people; named points of contact at account executive, account support, claims service and account director level; and access to board directors.

Evaluations & audits

This can involve regular audits for business interruption and health & safety, property and plant valuations, and contract reviews. We also have considerable experience in drafting contract representations on limitations of liability, indemnity and insurance clauses.

Risk management

This can range from fire surveys for use in negotiation underwriting propositions to business-continuity planning. Risk management helps you to minimize and understand risk issues to protect your business and its people.

Offshore & overseas service

Through our membership we place risks around the world. we can recommend business on the London markets and have offshore insurance tie ups.

Claims management

Our dedicated claims-management team will support you through every stage of every claim, helping you to continue working while we deal with insurers and third parties. Our Ekaah Assist service can also help you to optimize your chances of successfully resolving large and complex claims.

Risk management

Intelligent risk-management advice

We will examine your exposure to the financial and even reputational losses which could arise in your business, and will

  • Look at your existing risk-transfer insurance arrangements
  • Carry out health & safety audits and risk surveys
  • Conduct claims-audit meetings through our local claims team
  • Arrange property and business-interruption valuations and reviews
  • Assist with your business-continuity planning.

Risk management as part of corporate governance

Our goal is to reinforce your own corporate governance by helping you to strategically manage your risks. We also aim to optimize the cost of insurance in relation to premium costs and retained self-insured expense.

The benefits of our risk management services

  • We create bespoke insurance solutions designed around your particular needs
  • We are experienced in managing sophisticated insurance solutions across India and worldwide
  • We have excellent relationships with all insurers
  • A significant part of our service involves a strategic risk review and action plan
  • You have constant access to named account directors and support staff
  • We have a dedicated in-house claims-management team, which will work on your behalf with your insurer’s appointed loss adjusters.

Worldwide insurance solutions

Global insurance cover is now a standard requirement for many businesses, large and small. Whether you have just ventured overseas or already operate an international network of subsidiaries, we can set up a global insurance solution for you.

Ekaah has a highly experienced team of insurance broking experts with specialism’s in global solutions. Our high-level access to some of the leading international insurance companies enables us to negotiate favorable deals, and our experience in assessing and managing risks means we can present your business in the most appropriate light.

Ekaah’s reach

In addition to our network, our global reach is effective & unrestricted. Our clients are serviced by us.

  • Help you with your global insurance needs if you have operations or assets outside of India and/or foreign subsidiary, so you centralise and streamline all your insurance worldwide under a single roof
  • Help with overseas placement on a stand-alone basis or as part of a local service associated with a global programme
  • Arrange for you to be provided with country-specific knowledge and advice on any aspect of insurance and risk management in virtually every country or region
  • Provide solution to your insurance details, from wherever you are.

Making a claim on your business insurance

One of the true tests of an insurance broker is when you need to make a claim, and at Ekaah we like to think we pass the test with flying colors.

We cannot pretend that making a claim is enjoyable, but we can make it a lot easier, simpler and hopefully faster. Our own in-house claims teams are experienced, friendly and helpful, so that means extra peace of mind for you.

It is important to notify us or your insurers of your claim at the very earliest opportunity, as any delay could affect the acceptance of your claim or lead to greater loss or damage. The sooner you tell us about your claim, the sooner we can help.

The benefits of dealing with Ekaah

  • Members of our claims team have varied backgrounds in insurance, brokerage, loss adjustment and law
  • Many of our claims staff have been handling claims for quite some time
  • We handle claims for anyone from very large businesses to sole traders and private individuals
  • We have specialist teams to deal with claims in areas such as professional indemnity, construction, the motor trade, transport, science & technology and many more
  • We operate tried, tested and well-documented claims handling procedures

Who to contact

To notify us of a claim please contact one of our claims team.

Business Assist

Business Assist provides a specialist claims-handling service for our business clients. It could save you time, hassle and expense at a time when your business is vulnerable. The team works with loss adjusters to help you deal with business interruption and/or claims for material damage in excess of Rs. 10,000, and where required we can usually be with you within 24 hours. Once again, we will manage the entire process

  • We will guide you through the whole process
  • We will represent you in all negotiations
  • We will advise you on policy conditions and values
  • We will do our best to ensure you get a fair and appropriate settlement.